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I've Partnered with Katie Todd, a pre-natal yoga instructor, to offer a quarterly workshop that teaches women how to align their baby before labor begins using body posture and yoga. Your baby's alignment can directly affect the duration of labor. A posterior baby usually slows labor down and stalls contractions until the baby can be moved into the proper position, usually through the use of Pitocin. We teach women how to be mindful of their body posture during the last trimester specifically to help their labor progress naturally without the need for medication.

Hilbre Doula - pregnant yoga class
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Informative & Interactive

Informative and interactive class to learn about the importance of your body's movement in the third trimester. This is a great way to connect with other pregnant moms and learn more tips and tricks.

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Safe & Optimal

This workshop will have an asana practice (primarily using an exercise ball) that is safe for all stages of pregnancy and will include poses that will create an optimal fetal position.

Hilbre Doula - pregnant women with yoga balls
Hilbre Doula - Doulasana, yoga instructors

Meet your Instructors

Dawn Harris (left) is DONA Certified Doula and has been supporting parents for over 20 years. Her passion is to help women and their partners prepare physically and emotionally for labor/birth.

Katie Todd (right), is a certified Hatha and Prenatal yoga instructor. She started teaching after the birth of her first child in 2006. Katie's goal is to create a positive and nurturing environment where students can safely practice yoga at any stage of pregnancy. 

What Others Have to Say

“My partner and I had the great pleasure of attending the Ideal Fetal Alignment workshop. We had a beautiful day outside in the park, learned valuable tips and tricks, gained knowledge to empower and own our birthing experience, and connected with other future parents just as excited and anxious as we are. We now have great practices and takeaways, and got to take a nice full exhale easing our minds on some of the unanswered questions we have been kicking around as first-time parents. Don’t hesitate to spend some time with Dawn and Katie for some fun, down-to-Earth perspective. 10/10 highly recommended!!

- Shannon -

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