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More About Dawn Harris

West Kirby is a small town in England which resides on the Irish Sea near Liverpool. This was our home for a number of years. When the tide is out you can walk to an island called Hilbre, which is one of the most beautiful and peaceful sanctuaries in Northern England. These years living in West Kirby were wonderful and yet very difficult. My husband and I were trying to begin our family. We would celebrate a pregnancy, even have an ultrasound, and within three months I would miscarry. We lost six babies. I felt as though my body was no longer a safe place for my children. After each loss we sought places of beauty and safety. Hilbre Island was one of those places. It was a place to pause and rest - to feel safe.

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My desire is to be a place of safety for women, to help them understand their bodies, and find that deep strength that brings life into this world.


My Birth Philosophy

My philosophy is that women were designed to give birth and should be allowed to birth in a way that is comfortable for them. I believe a safe birth is a human right for every woman. I am the UA advocate for Havilah Collective bringing safety and birth education to the women of Ocean View, Cape Town, SA  Havilah Collective

My Training & Experience

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Certified Birth Doula (DONA)

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Certified International Doula

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Spinning Babies Certified

Why Work with Me

My passion is to help women find their strength and realize control is an illusion. My 20 plus years of experience has taught me that labor is so much more than just physical, it requires all of your emotions, your past trauma, the love for your partner and an understanding that our strength to be moms starts with labor.

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